I conquered the world

It Is just me breathing

No cares for what is to come, no obligations

Just me where I am

A state devoid of anxiety

Clock ticks but I altered its essence already

Wish my blank state could last timeless

            They say nothing grows in a finite void,

I am not inclined to that.

I thrive in this emptiness

But for now I am not chasing visions of my future

Angst can die now

No duty bounds me now

In the thick of bombs, wars and troubles

I shall revel in the blank state

My pro tempore nirvana.

Adeleke Omotayo


Published by: Omotayo

International citizen | Flippant Philosopher | Cartophille | Hobbyist Vexillologist | Recreational Physicist | International politics enthusiast | Lover of history | Compulsive Teetotaler | Proud African. My area of correspondence is quite dynamic as much as I'm interested.

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